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The objective of service quality management is to improve customer satisfaction and to retain customer loyalty. There are inter-disciplinary team members with cross-industry background (e.g.,hotel, real estate, medical care, operation and management) in our team. Each of us tries the best to make every effort to meet with clients’ needs in this respect.

For this service our target clients are surrounding the medical and elderly care sectors as well as the hotel and hospitality industries. By setting or re-setting service standards, norms and procedures, our team can work on the total quality management and / or the continued quality improvement in the pursuit of service excellence. Or we can be on short-term contracts with a full pictorial coverage of management and training services.

We value the value of business flow, and certainly that of service flow, in this arena. As professional consultants, we help our clients improve the design of service flow, enabling the service institutions to optimize value-added service components whilst to simplify less value-added one. Once the efficiency of service flow is enhanced, the final outcome of service improvement and management performance is surely promised.

List of Projects

   ★  We made a successful bid for a luxury club project by the core concept of VIP butler service;
   ★  We introduced the Sales Butler Service into a luxury furniture brand;
   ★  We launched a One-stop Butler Service for a very high-end restaurant in Zhejiang.