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To attract the right talents and to improve the cost-effectiveness of human resource management, we provide series of ‘how to manage people effectively’ –  Effective People Management service:

      ~ replan organisation structure and redesign org. chart
     ~ revise HRM or Personnel Management System and edit staff handbooks     
      ~ readjust personnel hiring plan and recruitment procedures     
      ~ redesign staff promotion scheme, performance appraisal scheme (KPIs) and corporate remuneration scheme      
      ~ labour dispute prevention and consultation services     
      ~ effective communication training and staff motivation consultation

List of Projects

   ★  CSC
   ★  Seeker International
   ★  GK Car Films
   ★  M+ Group
   ★  Downing 8
   ★  JB Boots
   ★  CMBC


List of Events

★  Total HR Solutions – Shanghai, Dec 2013