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The role of market research will become more and more significantly vital in today’s ever-changing, competitive market. For both Chinese and foreign entities, we can help undertake professional industry and market research.

According to the very varied purposes of market research, we conduct research tasks systematically through the collection of primary and / or secondary data. We aim to assist our clients in understanding the most recently issued government policies,consumption power, supporting system and competition scenario in either China or overseas market. In the mean time, the research itself can provide comprehensive insights into the efficiency and deficiency of the supply chain within the specific industry. With particular reference to consumer behaviour, we will also look into social cultural factors and their effects on the combined visible and invisible facet of customer demands.

Our down-to-earth market research would help clients set the right direction for their future business development in the increasingly fierce competitive environment. Also, business decisions sustained by research reports tend to be more rational that will, in turn, urge better products and services with resource advantages and core competencies. Once the pricing and promotion strategies fit in with core products and services, they will integrate well together to reach the target market.

List of Projects

   ★ High-endClubs Research (Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou

   ★ ZhejiangBusiness Hotels Research (Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang)

   ★ ChinaReal Estate Industry Research

   ★ ChinaElderly Care Industry Research

   ★ MarketResearch for Zhejiang Aged Care Model and Senior Housing Development

   ★ MarketResearch for the Current Housing Situation in Binjiang, Hangzhou

   ★ MarketResearch for the Senior Care System under Social Security in Zhejiang

   ★ MarketResearch for the Real Estate Market in Zhejiang under Government Control

   ★ Story-tellingand Ballad Singing and Yose Culture Market Research

   ★ ChinaMarket Research for Australian Wines

   ★ Elderly Care Market Study in Ningbo

   ★ Elderly Care Market Study for NDRC

   ★ Elderly Care Market Study in Yichang

   ★ Elderly Care Market Study for ADB