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Initiated in early 2008, IBC-Joint Group was set up with global vision to undertake Cross-cultural and Comparative, China and Chinese related Industry-specific researches and Business consultancies. In particular, we believe that during the era of globalization, cultural and institutional differences would not merely constitute serious impediments to cross-national operations and expansions, but may also inherit magic solutions for business development and organisation management.

Correspondingly, IBC-Joint Group Research & Consultancy aims to explore cultural and institutional differences and then apply them into business, education and management. Meanwhile, it also conducts in-depth studies into elderly and medical care, education and training, estate and hospitality, etc. By doing all these professionally, IBC-Joint Group wishes to provide clients with first-class services in cultural and institutional navigations, business and management consulting, and interdisciplinary communications and education exchanges.

The scope of our services mainly covers

      professional translation             culture exchange                       study tour

      comparative education               training workshops                 research publications


       Business Match-Making (BMM)

      market research                         marketing planning                 international marketing

      human resource management                 service quality management           cross-cultural management