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IBC’s Core Services

Correspondingly, IBC-Joint actively promotes bilateral trade and two-way investment between China and the rest of the world. With particular reference to cross-cultural understandings and institutional insights, the IBC team aims to apply that know-how into economic cooperation and business collaborations. Via close links with both government sector and business societies, the IBC team always supports trademissions and foreign investments (inbound and outbound) whilst conducting in-depth market studies into a wide range of business fields. By doing all these professionally, IBC-Joint wishes to provide clients with the very first-classconsulting services for cross-national business, cross-border marketing and cross-cultural management.

For foreign entities hoping to break into the vast and emerging China market, it is vital to plan before handand to understand how to do business withand in China.In order to help our clients to achieve their goals, the IBC-Joint provides a full range of advisory services and research supports. By using ourservices, our overseas clients could particularly benefit from our professional bilingual experts who have an extensive, well-established network together with their rich experience and solid knowledge about doing business with/in China. This would offer a cost-effective (but flexible) way of prospective development and problem solving for doing and managing business abroad. These core services include:

  Request for Proposal (RFP)

  Distribution/Promotion Support (DPS)

  Business Match-Making (BMM)

  Market Study (MS)

  Industry Investigation (II)

   Due Diligence (DD)

  Market Entry & Event (MEE) Support

  International Business Negotiations(IBN)

  Cross-cultural Management (CCM)