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If you are worried about foreign market entry, if you are looking for suitable suppliers from overseas, or should you seek up-to-date market information, we are the right contacts you should approach.

We can help clients get the right customers and suppliers. We bridge the supply-demand connections across China and abroad. We dig up valuable market and industry information for both Chinese and foreign entities that wish to go abroad and enter into overseas markets.

We offer kind of services free-of -charge or with cost-based-fees for international not-for-profit organisations. We can act as advisors to international clients for stakeholder relationship management in China (e.g., government, media and public) for the purpose of marketing.

List of Projects

  We've been doing international procurement and logistical services for clients in Singapore;

  We've been sourcing souvenirs for clients in Maldives;

  We've been providing international business services for prefab manufactures in China;

  We've been engaged in international business negotiations for MNCs in Europe;

  We've been offered professional advisory services for pharmaceutical clients based in China and abroad;