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We work with schools, colleges and universities that seek for overseas partnerships. In other words, we help them build up cooperation and exchange schemes or set up overseas study / internship / training programmes.

Through cross-institutional visits and engagements, both teachers and students would have a chance to walk into varied campuses and / or to sense different sorts of education philosophies. They can also sit in classrooms, lecture halls or labs to observe series of lessons, lectures or lab tests. By initiating talks, discussions and interactive activities, schools or faculties may be able to improve course design, teaching quality, programme assessment and module appraisal. They might also try credit transfers and joint programmes.

At present we are devoting to offering the international student internship scheme for Chinese graduates (graduated from universities within the China 211 framework with IELTs score of 6.5 and above). However, there are various forms of overseas study / internship / training programmes. The education exchange could be ongoing during term-time or being carried out on vocation. For more information, please kindly pay attention to our industry · joint and event announcements.

List of Projects

   ★  The Little Reporter Project @ Beijing Olympics Games, Aug 2008
   ★  Sino-British Education Exchange Project, Jul 2008
   ★  Sino-British Education Exchange Project, Jan/Feb 2010
   ★  Sino-British Education Exchange Project, Jul 2010
   ★  Sino-British Education Exchange Project, Jul 2011
   ★  Sino-British Education Exchange Project, Jul 2012
   ★  Sino-British Education Exchange Project, Jul 2013

List of Recommendations

   ★  Holiday Education Exchange Scheme (Jan/Feb; Jul/Aug)
   ★  Canadian Public High School Recommendation
   ★  Canadian Community College Recommendation