With the acceleration of global economic integration, China has been in a rapid transition of economic and market model in a society of fractured cultures. Unavoidably, those MNCs (Multinational Corporations), SOEs (State-owned Enterprises) and POEs (Private-owne Enterprises) could have faced new opportunities as well as challenges. To cope with such a critical situation, their top executives would have to re-figure out some new strategies, new directions and new approaches.

In order to help both Chinese and foreign entities to better understand the international market along with those dynamic industries, we regularly hold study tours abroad. Since a tailor-made study tour may work effectively for corresponding parties in boosting cross-border dialogues, exchanges, learning and cooperation, we propose details of itineraries as per request. This will also allow tour participants to get first-hand data so as to enable more rational, proactive and successful decisions in the competitive market.

It’s worthy of mentioning that we particularly organise site visits, lectures, seminars and forums for the medical and elderly care industry. For more information, please kindly pay attention to our industry· joint and event announcements.

List of Events

★ China Senior Housing and Health Care Seminar, Shanghai;

★ Medical and Elderly Care Study Tour, China & UK;

★ Elderly Care Study Tour, Sweden and Denmark;

★ HealthCare Study Tour, US;

★ Aged- Care Study Tour, Australia;