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We co-organise culture exchange campaigns or special culture activities, such as ‘China Day’ or ‘Global Week’, with related governmental departments, institutions or organisations. The main purpose of organising such events is to introduce the typical cultural imprints of one place into that of the other.

In other words, the traditional Chinese culture such as drama and dance, carving and engraving, calligraphy and painting, native food, and tourist attractions can be shown in some other countries. In fact, the West Lake, WuzhenTown, Shaoxing and Beijing Opera, Bamboo Carving Art, the Jiangnan Style (South-East China) Garden, Dragon Well Tea, Pyramid Rice Dumpling, and Silk Products, have been exhibited in Europe, America and Australia.

This would help promote China, Chinese culture, and the Chinese in the rest of the world, and vice versa. Eventually it will facilitate the understanding, propagation and exchange of leisure, tourism and lifestyle worldwide.

List of Events

   ★  We assisted China Zhejiang Culture Week in the UK as well as Silk Exhibitions in Italy.
   ★  We do ‘China Day’ and ‘Chinese Culture Week’ overseas
   ★  We volunteer our services for China Kiosk / Stand on Harbour Festival in Bristol